Accounting Services


Complex conduct of accounting - single as well as double entry - with the guarantee of correctness of accounts' content and of the reports submitted to tax authorities and other institutions.

We provide:

  • control - from the accounting and tax point of view - over the formal and substantive correctness of documents submitted,
  • record of all accounting issues based on documents provided,
  • preparation of monthly balances and relevant tax documents, monthly overviews over client's business performance, over the assets, liabilities and receivables, financial situation,
  • preparation of monthly/quarterly VAT statements, income tax statements, indirect tax statements,
  • keeping evidence of tangible and intangible assets,
  • preparation of documents for stocktaking of assets and liabilities, its administration and evaluation
  • revision of general ledger as of the end of the year balance,
  • preparation of the end of the year balance, cash flow analysis, appendices to balance sheet, annual report,
  • realization of the audit of the company,
  • elaboration of internal directives and procedures.
  • other services based on the request of the client

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