Outsourcing is an agreement between company and client, that company will deliver services, that client would otherwise have to perform on its own.

Outsourcing is the current trend especially in the area of IT, but starts to penetrate also into the area of accounting and financial management.

When deciding for outsourcing, client can decrease costs necessary for employing and training an accountant and acquisition of software.

Via outsourcing we provide wide range of services in which we specialize adjusted to the needs of the client. These services cover mainly:

  • primary evidence of accounting documents,
  • communication with the bank, payments of claims,
  • check of the receivables' maturity,
  • cash flow evidence,
  • conduct of financial accounting,
  • conduct of salary evidence,
  • reporting (for management board, shareholders),
  • preparation of tax statements and communication with tax authorities,
  • financial planning,
  • allow access to software without its acquisition,
  • other services based on the needs of the client.


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